• Easy to use from any mobile device
  • Search upcoming events then enter, edit, pay and view results
  • View and manage not only “shows” but your club memberships
  • See real time show results where applicable on your mobile device.
  • Access to the Easy2Show “Easifieds”


  • Exhibitors enter, edit and can pay for entries online. Those online entries automatically upload to your secretary dashboard.
  • Show secretaries and exhibitors can view real time show entry numbers.
  • View real time numbers, entry fees are automatically deposited into your clubs account daily*. (Entry fees are deposited on a daily basis after the required processing time.)
  • Record show placements on paper or use our option that allows you to record on a mobile device while at the show.
  • Show reports can be sent out to exhibitors within minutes of the show being finalized (Integrated system).


  • 1-button click to send reports to exhibitors and clubs. Club reports are customized to that club’s specifications within our software.
  • Easy2Show show reports automatically upload into Easy2Show Club software, recording the placements as well as re-calculated their members sweepstakes standings.
  • Exhibitors are emailed their show reports but also have the ability to retrieve their reports from their Easy2Show profile.
  • Exhibitors can view real-time show results where applicable.